BZ Bedside Table


April, 2016:

The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection, 2015, Michael A. Singer.

This amazing book has been on my bedside table, on my dining room table, outside with me on our patio for six months. No … it does not take me that long to read a book, it’s just that I feel the concepts in this book are so important, that I am now reading it for the third time!

When we have had to work hard to reclaim our life away from indoctrination and mind-control, the concept of “surrender” can be a difficult one. We leave cult control feeling we may have ‘surrendered’ too much. Letting go, acceptance and surrender are, therefore, ways of being that I have not yet completely integrated to my satisfaction. Thus the multiple reads of this sweet book. It has taken me by the hand and is gently leading me to the sweet spot of surrendering to life’s perfection. The journey is delightful. The third read is even more illuminating than the first. Can’t recommend this book highly enough!