If you have found this page you must be using the life hacks provided in my “REBOOT – After Recovery from Trauma” book! It will be challenging to understand the relevance of many of the resources offered in this drop down menu if you have not read the book. You can check it out by clicking on the image.

I hope this book has inspired you to re-imagine and re-create your life and that you are now looking for a few resources to help you do just that.

You will find posters, links, downloads, templates, guidelines, etc. that can help with your reboot project. See the drop-down menu for this page to access the various resources.

A journal designed specifically to accompany this book will soon be available. It contains exercises, forms and headings that reference the book. For your convenience this journal contains all 350+ therapist-designed questions in the book.

NOTE: In the drop-down menu under Reboot Resources you will find many items that you can download for free. These downloads have been designed for your personal use only. To distribute or sell them would constitute a copyright infringement. Thank you for respecting copyright.