Mandated Shunning

If you are experiencing mandated-shunning because you have left a high-control group, the visitors to this website and I would like to hear your story, particularly how being shunned has affected your life and emotions.

Perhaps down the road, government legislators will take note of the stories of shunning collected here and do something to abolish this inhumane practice that rips families and friends apart.

A few necessary guidelines:

  • Please keep your story as brief as possible – accentuating the losses you have experienced as a result and the ensuing turmoil and pain.
  • You may want to compose, refine and edit your story and then copy and paste it here into the comment box, rather than having it be a stream of consciousness comment where you risk omitting important points you wanted to share.
  • If you comment on someone else’s shunning story, please be respectful and kind. The most healing thing is to know we have been understood and are not alone. Judgment, criticism, and reams of unsolicited advice are not what is needed here.
  • I encourage you to seek therapy while you are under-going the most difficult period of grief while being shunned.
  • As well, my book “SHUNNED: A Survival Guide” can act as a companion and vital resource during this difficult period of your life. It is available on Amazon.

Take care of yourself.

Know that you are not alone.

Know that the feelings do not remain as raw as they are at the start.

Know that it is possible to cope and embrace life even while being shunned.

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